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Parasitic worms can be serious, and even fatal, in kittens and some parasites are also a health hazard to humans.

Animals can pick up worms from other infected animals, from eating the lavae or eggs of worms (eg, in infected faeces or in grass) or from eating raw meat, infected prey animals or infected parasites.

Watch out for odd behaviour, worms in your pet’s faeces and the physical effects of infection. If your cat starts losing weight this may mean they have worms so always ask your vet for advice. Other signs to watch out for are: increased appetite; weakness or diarrhoea; an itchy bottom; in severe cases infected animals can have a distended abdomen or ‘pot belly’.

Worms can cause suffering, illness and even death. A healthy-looking pet can still be infected so ask your vet about available worming treatments.

Goole RSPCA does not support the use of worming tables purchased from anywhere other than a registered veterinary practice.

All cats and kittens rehomed by Goole RSPCA will have received an up-to-date, medically approved programme of worming treatment.


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