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Lucy (F)

Lovely Lucy is approximately 2yrs old . Found heavily pregnant, she came into care just in time to give birth to four kittens. She has been a wonderful mum and the kittens are going out to homes shortly and Lucy would like a home too. Lucy will be neutered and fully vaccinated. She is a sweet cat and doesn’t mind the other foster cats, so we believe she could live with another cat. For the last three months she had fed, washed and watched her kittens play away but hasn’t played herself, she needs time spending with her and a chance to be herself and enjoy being a cat. Could you give her the companionship she deserves?

Fancy (F) Doyle (M)

Approx 6-7mnths, these wonderful siblings are very gentle but timid, they were born outside and are now just over 6mnths old. They are neutered and fully vaccinated. They need someone who understands cats, in particular experience of socialising rescue felines. Fancy is the most confident but they all play and sit with the other foster kittens. In time, they will eventually seek you out for attention once they trust you. Doyle is a strong, silent type most of the time who prefers to sit back before braving a brief fuss. They really love each other, so we are hoping a kind family will adopt them together. Adult only home. Must have a substantial safe garden space for them to roam when they are ready to explore.


Asher (M)

Meet Asher. He is approx 5-7 years old and came into care after being abandoned by his owners when they moved away... He had been on the streets we think for about 2 years. During that time he had been cared for by some nearby residents who made him a comfy bed outside and made sure he was fed and watered. He then went missing for a while and on returning the residents noticed his deterioration in his appearance so alerted the Goole branch of the RSPCA. Unfortunately due to his poor condition and not being neutered he had suffered many fights trying to survive resulting in the loss of sight in 1 eye and had to have it removed. Now moving forward after recovery from his ordeal of losing his eye,
being neutered, microchipped, health checked, flea & wormed and 1st of two vaccinations he is ready to be loved again and cared for as he deserves.. He is a very affectionate cat that loves the attention he gets in care by his fosterers and their grandaughter. He is a steady away cat that likes a quiet life moving forward, so not a household that may be hectic. He would prefer to be the only pet in the household and doesn't mind older children. This big gentle giant is hoping someone will adopt him love & care for him and in return he would be so appreciative and loyal.

Grayson (M)

Approximately 4 to 5 years old, is a playful, friendly boy. We believe he’s been in a home and then abandoned. Grayson is now neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. He’s been in foster care a couple of months and we now believe he could live with another cat or dog. This character cat loves human company and seeks you out for head rubs and to go on your lap. He can be picked up. Grayson gets excited and will pat and grab hands sometimes and we wonder if he’s been used to playing with someone who used their hands for play, so probably older children would be best. Could you be his forever family?

Harper (F)

Harper (F) approx 7mnths is a dainty girl. Very gentle but timid, born outside with her siblings but now ready for a forever home. She needs someone who understands cats, in particular experience of socialising rescue felines. Will be neutered and fully vaccinated shortly. Harper will eventually seek you out for attention once she trusts you. She and her siblibgs are so curious and playful with people now, she's ready for her next adventure. Harper is used to being with other cats and enjoys their company . Adult only home. Must have a substantial safe garden space for them to roam when she is ready to explore.


Bruno (M)

Now this handsome boy is Bruno. He's 7 months old and has been hand raised. He has been in care since the very first week of his life and has lived with 2 litters of his siblings and various other cats too. He is a sweet, sociable and friendly boy, who desperately needs his forever family. Originally Bruno was born in a very rural location, with no houses or people. Ideally, he needs a large, safe outdoor space of his own, away from roads to enjoy eventually. His main hobbies are snoozing in a sunny spot, climbing inside cardigans, chasing and rolling around with his siblings and hunting for hidden sweeties. Bruno doesn't walk, he struts. He's fast, nimble and very chatty with beautiful, glossy black fur and green, sparkly eyes. He enjoys company and fusses and will make a fantastic companion. Are you interested in having your own house Panther?


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