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Cats for Adoption

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Magic (F)

Meet Magic. Approximately 1-2years old. This cat is just adorable in every way.. She was found abandoned in a box with 4 kittens on Halloween. She has been the best mum to her kittens of which 2 have been reserved. She loves to play catch with teasers on sticks and most of all loves to snuggle on your lap. Good with children, is the perfect cat to adopt into any family.

Katy (F)

13 yr old Katy is hoping 13 is a lucky number. This lovely girl came into our care because her elderly owner was sadly no longer able to care for her. Katy is in very good health. She has recovered from a dental with a good clean up and two rotten teeth removed. Katy is fit and well, she looks and behaves half her age. This affectionate little cat wants a home where she can be picked up  and spend most of her day curled on a lap where she can cuddle up as close as she can to you. Katy will reward you with lots of purrs and gentle paws encouraging you to keep petting. She is absolutely adorable. Katy also enjoys playing with cat toys. She wants to be exclusively yours and not have another cat around. Katy is confident and loves having her human visitors but just doesn’t like them leaving her alone in the cat pen. Could you give her the love and constant companionship she deserves?

Sable (F)

Meet Sable, she is approximately 1 year old. She has been neutered, flea and worm treated, is fully vaccinated and in lovely condition. We are seeking a special home for Sable, as she needs extra love. She is a work in progress, loves people and the hustle and bustle of home life, she just isn’t quite ready yet to be stroked and loved properly. Sometimes she allows fusses, other times she lashes out, but she does love people. The right person, home environment, time, love and patience and she will make a lovely companion. We don’t know Sables whole story, just she was sadly in an RSPCA cattery where she had kittens, after 54 days she then came into our care. She was traumatised and very unsure of herself, she obviously hasn’t had much contact with humans in her past, so her behaviour can be excused. Eventually she will need to be allowed access to a safe garden away from roads and people, but only once a good bond has been established between her and her new family. Are you able to take Sable that one step further, and turn her life around completely?


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