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Percy (M)

Estimated 5-8yrs old, he has lived rough for sometime. His coat was in poor condition and brown but is improving every day. Percy has known a domestic life in his past as we can see where he’s worn a collar and he’s been trained to play with a laser pen, but he was entire and no one came forward for him. He loves company, can be a vocal cat, calling for you to be with him. Percy has a deep loud purr when you pet him and he will gently rub his head against you and do rollovers for treats. Sudden noises, movements make him nervous and he will retreat into his bed. You do have to give him time to get know you, for this reason he needs a quiet home with no young children and ideally someone experienced with cats. We believe he  might live with another cat.

Barnaby (M)

Meet beautiful Barnaby! He is a sensitive, lovely cat. Initially very timid, he hides under things, it takes a little patience and reassurance before he blossoms into a purring boy who loves to be loved. He is approximately 5-8 years old. And has been living in a shed for the last 2 years. He was cared for and well fed, but he wanted and needed a home of his own. His colouring is beautiful, he has a brown tabby head and feet but a grey/silver tabby body. Barnaby is an absolute pleasure to look after, he's a little bit full on most of the time, but just excitable and headbutts quite hard. When he sees anyone he knows, he is vocal, shouts, chirrups and wants to be held, stroked, sat on your knee or pushed up against you. He loves treats and food, probably a little too much. We believe this lovely boy deserves to finally have the chance to put his paws up, in his own forever home. Barnaby is well suited to a calm household, where he feels safe and loved. Once he trusts you, he is a delightful, gentle cat, who will become your most loyal friend. He bonds very quickly and stares into your eyes, he so wants to be loved. He would prefer a quiet home, older children would be suitable and he quite likes other cats, but no dogs. He is often vocal, shouting for attention, he likes to have company and enjoys watching through the windows, into the garden. As he has lived outside, he will need a safe garden to explore, away from any roads. He likes to play, he loves his squashy bed and will need a comfortable human to love. Could you be Barnaby's comfy human?


Sophie (F)

This little bundle of love with beautiful green eyes is Sophie, mainly white, with the odd patch and tail of a calico cat! Due to being FIV+ she needs to be a house cat and would prefer to be the only pet too.

She adores company,  loves food, her fosterer and to play. But she is also just as happy sleeping contentedly in her own bed, or her fosterer’s lap should it be available. She’s such a good girl using her scratching post or cardboard floor scratching board and her litter box. Sadly, her owners could no longer afford to provide the care she needed.

She enjoys playing so much she can get a little overexcited, so may give a little love nip occasionally.  It is thought that once she is settled in her own home, with a little more space this will stop. Although Sophie is good with children,  a quiet adult only home would best suit her. 

Sophie loves to smell the scents and feel the air outside through the slightly open window in her foster home; so would love to have access to a catio if possible. Could you give this little four-year-old purr-box a forever home and the love she so deserves?

Grayson (M) 4-5yrs old

Handsome Grayson has had cracked canines removed and been neutered.  Grayson has been through so much and has had a lot to learn. After roaming the streets unneutered for sometime, spending months in a cat pen has been a challenge. Following weeks of treatment for glaucoma, our vets decided as the pressure continued to worsen, the best option was to remove his eye. With only one eye, Grayson is now pain free, rolling around, enjoying being petted and far more content. He is ready for a home. Loves playing games, especially in his tunnel, he is a smart cat and a ball of energy. Grayson also enjoys being on a lap. Can be picked up. He does grab with his paws and nibble for attention, but this is getting less. He cannot be with other cats or dogs and would be best in an adult only home used to character cats. Grayson so deserves a happy ending, he just needs a patient forever family willing to keep him occupied and well fed.

Paddington (M)

This adorable 3yr old was found near a station, so we've named him Paddington. He had only one testicle visible and needed a special castration to find his second one, which has been done. He is very affectionate and gentle, loves attention, enjoys being brushed and his coat is no longer dirty and scabby. He loves mealtimes and is starting to play with toys. Paddington could live with children and may live with another cat. Could you give this gorgeous boy a forever home?


Eleanor (F)

Lovely Eleanor is looking for her forever home and family. She has been a street cat for several years having repeated litters of kittens in sheds and garages. Since coming into care she has since been spayed, had her first vaccination and thorough MOT giving her a clean bill of health. Eleanor is around four years old and was on the thin side when she arrived at her foster home. She has had regular, good quality meals, she is putting on both weight and condition. This glamour puss is long haired and will need regular grooming – she is starting to get the idea of what this entails but we expect that this will take time and patience before she comes to fully accept and enjoy it. Eleanor would suit a calm, steady home where she can come to rely on predictable meals, a warm bed and lots of strokes, which she loves. We see a lot of potential in this girl to become a fabulous lap cat as she is so keen on company. Are you the person/ people for her?


This beautiful 10 year old came back into RSPCA care after a change in circumstances. She is initially very timid and will hide in anything she can find, however she is gaining more confidence every day; once she has begun to trust you she comes out for fuss and loves to play. She would rather watch you from a distance then sit with you, but in time we're sure she will enjoy sitting on your lap. Once settled, she loves to be stroked and given lots of attention. Toffee has the most fabulous purr once in the mood for fuss and attention. Toffee would prefer to be in a household with a small number of adults only, due to her shy nature and is spooked at sudden movements and new people. Toffee would be best as the only animal in the home so she can enjoy your company. Toffee is a sweet little lady, she will talk to you when you have gained her trust. She prefers to eat when it is quiet and when she is alone. Toffee would require a safe garden to explore where she can come and go as she likes. Can you give this gorgeous girl a place to call home?

Indy (M)

2-3 year old male. This cat is so affectionate and cuddly and very vocal when it's feed time. He loves to play with toys and is a very sociable cat but would prefer to be with adults. Indy follows his fosterer around, he may want to be the only pet, appreciates attention and prefers to eat with company. A sensitive soul, Indy would like someone around most of the time to give him the attention he deserves. He can be quite kitten like and excitable, an inquisitive character cat. Indy rolls over for a good petting and responds to a head or chin scratch. He comes when called and rubs all round you showering you with dribbles and purrs. A nice, gentle cat who makes friends with anybody. Could he be your forever feline friend?

Jasmine (F)

Jasmine gave birth 9 weeks ago to 2 gorgeous kittens Lola and Nico. She is so friendly and placid and has done a fantastic job of rearing her kittens. Her kittens are up for adoption and now it's time for Jasmine to be pampered by her adopters. She has been snap blood tested , neutered, microchipped, had 1st of 2 vaccinations, flea and wormed,  fully health checked. She loves playing with her teaser toys but equally enjoys rubbing up against you for affection.. you can pick her up and put her on your knee but she isn't really bothered just yet about that, ( but it will come) Good with children but we're not sure about other pets. Could you give this wonderful girl the forever home she deserves?.



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