Cats for Adoption

All cats adopted from us are only done so after a home visit. To VIEW the cats and kittens YOU NEED A HOME VISIT FIRST. An RSPCA trained home visitor will talk through cat and kitten ownership with you.

To organise a home visit please telephone 07599087527 between 9am- 5pm Monday to Friday & 9am-1pm Saturday. If we are unable to take your call please leave a message and we will get back to you.

The cats and kittens fostered by Goole RSPCA are unwanted and unloved and will need considerable time and patience from an understanding owner, to allow them to form a purr-fect relationship and gain confidence. The majority of cats and kittens that come into our care are stray or abandoned animals so we don't always know what they were called. They are given names by the volunteers but these can easily be changed upon adoption to a name of your choice.

Goole & District RSPCA is run solely by volunteers the fostering team look after the cats and kittens at their own homes so get to know their personalities well. To see if we have a cat suitable to your lifestyle please complete our quick questionnaire on the find your feline friend page. Please ensure you add your contact details to the questionnaire, if you have not heard from us within five working days please telephone 07599087527.

Adoption Fees

All we ask for is £55 for an adult (over 6mnths) £70 for a kitten. This covers neutering, blood testing, vaccinations (including Leukaemia), ID chipping and up to date de-fleaing and worming treatment, to ensure your new life long friend gets a purr-fect new start. (Care and treatment for each fostercat costs the RSPCA at least £120 per cat!)

Below are some of the cats in our care who are currently looking for homes, If you can't see what you are looking for then please give us a call as we often have other cats whose details are not yet on the website.


Eight months old Zane is not only very handsome he is also playful, full of life, fun and love. He loves people and other cats he came in foster care from a multi-cat household. This adorable little boy can be picked up and cuddled and likes nothing better than to be sat on your knee and massaged all over, he gives kisses and likes to get up close. His fosterer describes him as an adorable bundle of love. Do you have room for this bundle of joy in your life?


Two year old Zeus came into care from a multi-cat household. A big gentle boy used to being with other cats he adores being petted and wants nothing more than to have a human to give him love and attention. The bare patches on his legs are where he had bloods taken to check he is a healthy cat. Now neutered and vaccinated and with a clean bill of health he is waiting for a new start in his life. Can you give this adorable gentle boy a place to call home?


This pretty 1 year old has had a tough start to her young life & really needs someone to give her a forever home. She is a very loving little cat with a wonderful loud purr, she enjoys fuss and likes to sit beside you. Susie is very playful, she loves all the toys at her foster home, her favourite being her scratch post and scratch box. Like a lot of cats Susie can be a little bit shy when she first meets you but she quickly comes round and then is happy for some fuss. She is getting on well with the other cats at her foster home. We feel Susie would be best suited to a quiet household with older or no children. She is an adorable little cat who will who make a wonderful companion, can you give Susie the loving forever home she deserves?


This pretty little 2 year old is very sweet and gentle, there is a serenity about her, a steady little girl who although only two years old doesn’t rush anywhere. Annabelle loves to be near you and really enjoys being petted, as soon as you stroke her she purrs away happily. She came into foster care with her two kittens who have found new homes now neutered Annabelle is looking for some love and someone who will give her the time and company she deserves. Now she has no responsibility's she is learning how much fun it is to play, she is also getting used to being around the other foster cats. Annabelle is a lovely little cat who will bring a lot of love to her new family.


This lovely nine month old little boy is full of love, he likes to be scooped up and cuddled. He enjoys playing with his toys and he is used to being around other cats. He is a sweet boy who will make a loving companion. We have called him Rocco but he hasn't learned this name yet so his new family can teach him this name or choose him another. Do you have room in your life for this playful, loving boy?


Ronnie is one of a large family of cats that recently came into our care from a loving and caring home due to unfortunate circumstances. He’s a real gentleman of a cat. He’s very well behaved & although he’s 14/15 years old he’s very young for his age. He craves human interaction, he loves to be the centre of attention looking for fuss and strokes, constantly snuggling up to you whenever he can. He never misses a chance for some TLC, patiently waiting at your side for hugs and kisses. He’s really excellent with children and with other cats. He’s in perfect health and is looking for a forever home with a new adopted family. Can you offer this adorable cat a place he can call home?


This pretty 10 year old acts younger then she is, she loves to play and has a good appetite. She enjoys company and loves nothing better than to snuggle up on her foster mums knee for a nap. Maria is a friendly cat who loves a cuddle, now settled at her foster home she will even jump on some visitors knees for attention. She tolerates the other cats at her foster home. Maria is a little nervous if you move suddenly near her so we feel she would be best suited to home with older or no children. Maria is a gorgeous very loving little cat who just needs someone to love. Do you have an empty lap that needs filling? If so Maria is definitely the girl for you.

Click here to see a video of Maria.


Buddy is a 5 year old who was brought into care as a stray. He was frightened and hungry and had no concept of human love or affection. His foster parents have been working hard to re-socialise buddy and have discovered that he has a heart of gold. He craves human contact and likes nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa for one to one attention. He is very placid in his nature and very adaptable and accommodating to changing circumstances. Buddy is a beautiful cat who has had a tough time in life, but would make a very loyal companion for any new owners.

Click here to see a video of Buddy.

If you would like to make a donation directly into our bank account please call 07599087527 or email for details.