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Megan is an adorable six year old cat she is a petite little cat with a sweet nature. She likes to be with people and trots up to meet you and be close. This adorable girl will head push your hand for extra strokes. Megan enjoys playing with cat toys  and being brushed. Megan had been living with a single, elderly lady and  she has loved the quiet life, sadly the lady has gone into care now. Megan likes to be near you and hasn't yet been on a lap,  but loves being beside her fosterer. 
She is a dainty eater, preferring company whilst she eats. Megan doesn’t mind the other foster cats so may settle with another puss.
Megan has the softest, silkiest coat and we all think she is perfect she is so gentle and easy.

Out on Trial


Snowy is approximately 9yrs old , a big cuddly white cat with a black tail and a black patch. He has lived out in the garden of an elderly lady for several years  who adored him and fed him regularly until she could no longer care for him.   Where he  originally came from is a mystery as he was neutered. Snowy has been such a good boy in fostercare coping with twice daily ear drops to clear up his ear infection, had a dental with extractions and antibiotics for his infected gums. He has had a full blood screen and proved to be in Snowy good health apart from some small traces of sunburn from living out all the time, with a new caring owner the vets think this won’t be a problem with sunscreen put on his ears.
He is so enjoying being inside, loves his bed, playing with toys, being brushed regularly and having lots of petting and will do lovely roll overs when you stroke him. He doesn’t seem to mind the other foster cats so may live with another cat but he can’t cope with a lot of people as he has had a very quiet life before. He would like to spend time outside but he hasn’t proved to be a wanderer. This adorable big fluff can be picked up and enjoys being a lap cat. Could he be yout forever friend?


Bob is a handsome 3-4yr old tabby looking for an indoor home. He has been living on the streets of Goole for some time, being fed on a few doorsteps.  As he was unneutered, Bob has fought with other toms and sadly he has FIV so needs an indoor home with no other cats. When he came into care he had an ulcerated eye and scabs and wounds but they have healed, he is in good health despite carrying FIV. 
Bob is very wary after his street life but with gentle encouragement he now loves being stroked and being petted all over. Bob can’t get enough love, he rolls around and pushes his head into you for more. He has only just started playing with toys as he found them scary. Bob loves mealtimes this adorable boy is so grateful for regular meals and empties his bowl everytime . He loves having a bed to sleep in and spends a lot of time in it but we think it’s because he feels safe and secure in his bed. Young children might be too much for him. Bob needs someone to help build his confidence and give him lots of reassurance . Could that be you?


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