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Six year old Syd came in to care after being a bit of a wanderer. Syd is a hungry chap who loves his bed and eats anything he is offered, He just wants lots of attention. He is an adorable, friendly boy with a strong character. This cheeky chap would be best with older children. Syd has not hissed for a long time now, he feels so much more confident around people. Syd enjoys being picked up, he runs to greet you. He has made good progress and really appreciates you just sitting with him. We believe once Syd settles in the right forever home he will improve even further. Syd has lived with a dog and can be tolerant of some the cats in care. Syd has come on a lot and likes you to sit with him but just needs someone patient to understand Syd needs time to adjust to being in a home and learning to trust people. He would enjoy a good outdoor space to explore. When he's had enough of the outside, he will seek you out to curl up with you indoors. Inquisitive, Syd loves to play with cat toys and is an expert with a cat teaser. He will treat you to a loud purring motor. If you can offer this fab feline an understanding home, please don't forget to fill in a perfect match form before calling or emailing the branch.


7 year old Harri first came into foster care last year as a street roamer. He was promptly adopted by an elderly gentleman and thought he had landed on his paws. Sadly, his new slave recently passed away and unfortunately Harri couldn't stay with any other family members. He has therefore found himself back in our care through no fault of his own. Harri charms everyone he meets, he is affectionate and loves fuss. As at least one of his nine lives was used up as an unneutered street boy, we are looking for an experienced home. A big personality, Harri must be the only cat in the household. He could live with much older children however. Harri is always around his fosterer's legs craving attention. He shows his appreciation of fuss by dribbling and purring. Could you be this lovely boy's forever family?



Let us introduce you to a perfectly fabulous bromance, 10+ year old Tommo and 9+ year old Owen, they love one another. Both have had very tough lives on the streets, Tommo was in a terrible state and rescued off a roof, he was a very sad case. Vets considered euthanasia because of lumps and a long standing bacterial infection that had left him on the edge of life. Tommo is an extremely complicated cat, who isn't keen on humans but has found his perfect match in Owen. 
Owen originally came into the care of the RSPCA due to lameness on his rear legs. Although he is an older boy, he’s still very active and enjoys playing and dashing around. He is such a cutie and without doubt one of the most vocal, fussiest, loving, daft, fizzy, happy cats you could ever meet. He climbs all over everyone but isn’t keen on being touched too much, yet, he does occasionally give love bites.

Both are complicated cats with their own individual issues, but compliment each other so well.  Together these boys form 'Tando', both are still a work in progress and it would be best in they lived with adults, in a safe location without too many hazards or dangers where they can spend their twilight years. As they were previously roaming street cats, a large outdoor space is a must, so they can enjoy their outdoor life once again. Ideally, Tommo and Owen would best be suited to an experienced cat owner, they are both complicated cats with complex needs.
It will take someone special to adopt these boys, are you that special person, that could give these complicated, loved up boys a new life and their forever home?


Approximately 2yrs old, Gracie has been in foster care since just before her latest litter of kittens were born.  With her babies all grown up she is now looking for a forever home of her own. 

Gracie came from a very busy, young family home.  Whilst this was okay when she was younger, she would now appreciate a quieter and more sedate place to call home.  Gracie is very striking to look at and she has some of the typical tortoiseshell feistiness within her!  That said, she loves to have her head rubbed and purrs endlessly as a reward. 

Gracie also has a sensitive side, whenever she feels unsure about something that is happening, or she thinks is going to happen, she will communicate her anxiety using her body language.  If this isn’t listened to, she can demonstrate her uncertainty by reaching out and smacking.  We do not believe that this is aggression or nastiness, it seems to be only when she is feeling unsure and is easily settled – she does not do it to harm you.

As a result of this, we are looking for a quiet home for Gracie.  She will need to be an only animal and preferably with people who are used to translating cat body language.  She is a lovely girl who we believe will flourish once she has the time, space, understanding and patience to do so.  Gracie would appreciate someone who could offer her safe, calm, predictability where she no longer needs to be unsure or anxious. Could you reassure this beautiful girl?


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