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Barney (M)

Barney is estimated at 2-4 yrs old and had been living in a derelict property in Goole for sometime where neighbours put food out for him, we were alerted to him when he was full of fleas and had dermatitis and had scratched himself so much he was in a very bloody state . No one could get near him and we had to use a cat trap. He was very wary for the first few weeks in care.  Barney has learned to be petted and just recently be picked up. Barney is slowly becoming a lap cat and now loves to be stroked and is very playful. This gorgeous boy has very big paws and can get a bit excited and sometimes can “love bite” because of this, we think he is best with older children. We truly believe at some point he was someones beloved cat because he hasn't taken long to get used to people, but they just didn't neuter or chip him. Barney is currently sharing his pen with another foster cat, so we think he may very well be able to live with another cat. Barney has been through a lot but with an understanding owner he will continue to grow in confidence. Could you be his purrfect match?

Gloria (F)

This little lady is glorious Gloria, who is slowly beginning to show the world how sweet natured she is. Gloria can be nervous of new people and situations at first, and has overcome some aggressive and unpredictable behaviours.
She was originally found in a shed with 5 of her kittens, sadly 3 had already died. The remaining 2 are fit and well. With a slow approach and some well deserved TLC this gorgeous girl will blossom into a beautiful cat. 80% of ginger cats are male, making ginger females like Gloria, even more glorious. She’s beautiful and actually pale ginger on her long legs, down to white feet. She is 2 years old, neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.
Gloria would be best suited to an adult only household with no other pets, she really is desperate to be back outside again and feel the sunshine on her pretty fur, so will in time need a safe garden, away from any roads. 
She has just started being vocal and will use her sweet little meows to let you know how happy she is to see you. Gloria has a few lessons to learn but she is very willing, she will bring plenty of joy and happiness to anyone lucky enough to own her. Could that be you?

Cleo (F)

This lovely girl is looking for a loving home who can offer the love and care she deserves. She is a gentle little girl who plays with toys. Cleo has been a super mum to her kittens who have now found homes, we hope it's her turn next. Cleo would suit most households with or without children but would prefer to be the only pet.


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