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Just sharing a few pictures. Ivy has settled well. She was never interested in hiding away or giving herself a chance to settle. She likes to hang out with us, in the kitchen when cooking, on the sofa and she purrs every time we are around her! We really could not have asked for a better first cat. She is so loving!.


Hannah and family are delighted with these two gorgeous cats and say they are doing wonderfully. Taylor, now Sansa, and Sophie, now Ayra, are purrfectly settled. They love to play and have got on with Wilson the resident cat and don't mind the dogs. These fab felines are definitely in charge as they go where they want, whether it's sitting on Hannah's bed or being nosy in the window.  They are not bothered about going out as they've had a nosy but would rather play indoors. Purrs to Hannah and family for adopting this pretty pair of felines.


Sheila his forever slave adores this boy and had this to say about him. The picture says it all. He is a loving gorgeous cat, end of. On my application I said we wanted a cat to share our lives and he has certainly ticked that box. Never far away and sleeps cuddled up to me! Sometimes when we go for a walk, he is waiting for us to return in the next street and walks by our side the rest of the way home. For anyone hesitating to adopt an older rescue cat, I would say go for it as Winston is as settled as the other cats we had from kittens. I just love my big boy Purrs to Sheila for allowing us to share this fabulous photo and a glowing report for Winston.


Bella has settled in lovely. We go out into the back garden she doesn’t need a harness (I got one but couldn’t get it on her) she just wanders with Charlie (the dog) then walks back in by herself, couldn’t have found me a better puss. If you need more snakes and mice I’ll knit them when she’s asleep.  Bella is a proper lap cat anything to stop me knitting! Purrs to Dawn for the fabulous update.


Her forever slave says she is the most wonderful cat, she is so loving and follows her about in the garden. Millie never goes far, she prefers human company. One of her favourite things to do is sitting on a pink blanket on a knee while Ann has a coffee. She also likes sunbathing in the conservatory window. Loves her food, this pretty cat will let you know when its time for treats. Millie will do a full stretch on a lap sitting there for quite a while. She has really settled. If they go away, Ann's sister will cat sit, she has fallen for her and hopes to find her own Millie one day as she thinks she’s so gorgeous. Her forever family are so in love with her. Purrs for adopting this lucky cat.

Bianca (April 2022)

A year ago today beautiful Bianca came to live with us. We will be forever thankful for all your help. Bianca now Pearl is our absolute world, we can't imagine our lives without her!

Tonka (was Sooty) April 2022

Hello! Just wanted to give you an update on Sooty, who we've renamed Tonka. He got used to us and his new home much quicker than we expected, and now seems completely settled. He's been learning how to play, which is proving one of his favourite things to do (other than eating!). We got him a little catnip filled feathery toy, which is attached to a stick with a long length of string. He gets so much exercise and enjoyment out of chasing it - particularly when he can creep up on it from behind boxes and furniture
We've also taken to putting his toys onto used tissue boxes - getting them out seems to keep him occupied! He adores our big windows and spends a lot of the day lying by them in the sunshine. At the end of the day he likes to sit - or lie if there's room - on us for a while. It really seems to calm him down and must be part of him bonding with us.
When he's hungry he sure does tell you! I I can't imagine mealtimes (and the hour before them!) without his loud meows and chirrups.
He makes us incredibly happy, and it seems he's taken to us rather well too. Thank you for all of the work you do!
Purrs to Tasha and family for this fantastic update


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