Happy Endings 2018

Nancy (May 2018)

Beth today now called Nancy has settled in well enjoys being outside now, chasing flies and finding objects. Loves to play. Definitely rules the roost as she lets her new owners know when she wants feeding to the point of helping herself to dreamies. She snuggles up to her owners on an evening & gets on well with the other cat at her forever home. Lovely to see her looking so happy, thank you.

Sheba and Bertie (MAY 2018)

The adopter came to adopt Sheba but Jeremy kept giving her the eye and melted her heart so she took them both. They were enjoying playing outside at the follow up but came for strokes and fuss. Jeremy is now called Bertie, he and Sheba are purr-fect pals chasing birds, squirrels and as you can see, appreciate exploring a lovely garden.

Both have grown into lovely character cats enjoying their slave’s company and have befriended the resident old golden Labrador.
Bertie is cheeky, very inquisitive whilst Sheba prefers to relax and people watch.
Their owner is a painter and is planning to paint pictures of her cats, we look forward to seeing the finished projects! Clearly a very happy ending for these two.

Tilly (April 2018)

A purr-fectly chilled puss who loves to play with everything and anything including toilet rolls! She has made friends with the dog and appreciates a sunny spot to bird watch. Gentle natured and sociable, she sat next to visitor Georgina during the follow up, happy to be stroked and pose for photos. Tilly can often be found on Tyler’s bed as although she gets on with all the family they are best friends. She never roams far and is responsive to her slaves. A happy home for a pretty little cat. Purrs to Rebecca and family for adopting her.

Wally & Vera

Both Wally (previously Amy) & Vera were adopted around six months ago at their follow up visit both cats had settled in really well. They both really enjoy going outdoors to explore & to chase any bugs they come across. They love to play and will demand food from the Hunan slaves constantly. Vera was feeling a bit camera shy but our volunteer got a photo of the gorgeous Wally.

Isla (April 2018)

This pampered puss has the full name Princess Isla. Her home is a palace of toys and treats. She is best cuddle buddies with Max the dog and loves to play with both her four legged friend and the two legged slaves. She plays fetch, has lots of purr-fectly entertaining tricks up her paw. Isla chirrups for food and attention. Her forever family say they have never had a really playful cat before but Isla definitely is full of fun and mischief. Isla is adored by her family and she rewards them with lots of affection, sofa surfing with them and providing lots of cute selfie poses!

Thanks to Michelle and family for adopting this pretty girl.

Mau & Bastet

Following a recent follow up visit it was lovely to see how well these two have settled into their forever home. Mau prefers to be indoors but will go outside to explore and Bastet loves been outside chasing flies. They still love a cuddle in an evening and are both boss over the dog. Thank you for giving them a lovely home.

Josie (April 2018)

Josie was adopted by Mandi in autumn last year. She asked for a confident character cat and she says she certainly got one! This lovely girl is full of mischievous playfulness whether it’s climbing the curtains, chasing a toy egg or taking over the sofa with her purr-fect pal Meg the dog. Josie appreciates a stroke but it’s cuddling up with Meg the dog every night that she appreciates the most. Perhaps she even thinks she is a dog.

Josie was happy to be made a fuss of at her follow up visit and enjoyed showing off her mad games on the stairs and around the living room. Whether it’s sniffing visitor Georgina’s shoes or jumping in her bag Josie doesn’t miss a trick! Whilst she and the resident mature moggy Misty tolerate each other, Josie is very friendly with visitors and nothing fazes her. Mandi says she is a brilliant cat and loves spending time with her.
Purrs to Mandi and her furry family for taking on this full on feline!

Priscilla (March 2018)

Lovely to visit Priscilla who was adopted almost 6 months ago , her fosterer did the follow up visit and was delighted to receive a warm welcome from Priscilla . Priscilla showed how settled she was as she had a thorough wash on the windowsill and jumped on owners knee for this photo. That you to Priscillas adopters for giving her a loving home


Lily was brought into foster care last year with six tiny kittens, she was a great mum but the kittens took their toll on tiny Lily. She was very thin, thankfully any underlying problems were ruled out by the vets so it was decided she just needed a bit of pampering. To free up a pen one of our volunteers who had just lost their old cat took Lily home for "a couple of weeks" to feed her up. Within five minutes of getting her home Lily had wolfed down a bowl of food and made herself comfortable on the sofa. That was six months ago and Lily is still making herself comfortable on the same sofa! Lily has put on weight and looks like a different cat, she loves playing in the garden especially climbing trees. Both Lily & her new mum are happy that those two weeks turned into a forever home.

Martin (Feb 2018)

We always enjoy following up the progress of our fabulous felines. We were delighted to receive photos of Ozzy, now Martin who was adopted last March, as his his adopter Sarah said he was so lovely, he deserved to be famous!

Martin is described by his forever friend as a smasher, a much-loved furry gentleman. He's shy around strangers, but with those knows, he's affectionate and great company. He doesn't go out very often, just for a quick mooch around the garden, but he loves to play, have a fuss and then a sleep on the settee. Martin is a very handsome, contented fellow. We definitely agree that he and Sarah have landed on their paws with a purrfect match....
Thank you to Sarah for adopting Martin.


Charlotte (Feb 2018)

Lovely Charlotte was brought into foster care last year with kittens, she was quite thin but was a really good mum. After her kittens no longer needed her Charlotte was adopted and six months on it is amazing to see the difference in her. She has put weight on & her coat is beautiful. It is lovely to see her happy and thriving in her new home, thank you for giving her such a wonderful new life.

Jasmine (Feb 2018)

This lovely little girl was found wandering around a supermarket car park as a kitten. Luckily for her the lady that rescued her also adopted her. Now she is a picture of health and looks really happy at her new home.

Beryl (Nov 2017)

Beautiful Beryl was adopted in June, at her follow up visit it was lovely to see her looking so happy and relaxed. Thank you for giving her such a lovely new home

Connie & Zeb (Sept 2017)

My husband Laurie and I adopted 2 kittens called Connie and Zeb about a month ago. I'm just writing to let you know how well they have settled in and they seem very happy, as do we. Connie is a black and white one and she is quite greedy and very active. When we got Zeb he was very shy and nervous and reluctant to trust people. Now he loves cuddles and likes to run about the garden with his big "sister", running rings round us!!!

Thank you to Margaret and Laurie for this update and for giving these two cats such a lovely home.

Nala (Aug 2017)

Nala is a purrfectly pretty, pampered puss who is adored by her slave Kim. She has spent time on the streets with a badly matted coat in need of a lot of TLC. She certainly gets all the attention she deserves now. Nala adores a brush, sleeps on her slaves bed and does as she pleases. Despite being over 7yrs she is fabulously active, inquisitive feline who enjoys playing with toys, sitting on the fence and nosing at neighbours.

She was purrfectly happy to be stroked by visitor Georgina and rolled over to play! Always a good sign of a happy, positive home when a cat is washing herself in front of you. It was lovely to hear how much Kim appreciated her company and see Nala full of life.

Barry White (July 2017)

We received this purrfectly fabulous update & photo of Barry White, Louise has this to say about him "Hi, 6 years after adoption Barry White is a very happy, very much adored part of the family" Purrs for adopting this lovely character cat.

Molly (March 2017)

Molly was one of the most challenging upsetting foster cats that Georgina had met. She came into care because she had been ill treated. A lady said that she'd been happy feeding her as a stray until she and a neighbour realised someone was throwing stones and taunting the cat, she didn't feel it was safe for Molly. Submissive, terrified, Molly required a purrfectly patient owner. One on one she gradually came out on her own terms and Eileen took on the challenge of helping Molly trust again.

Molly has learned to like and trust Eileen's friend who cat sits now and again, brushing against legs and appreciating strokes. Fuss is on her terms but she is getting more and more responsive. She 'talks' to you and likes to be around people she knows. Window watching, a few hours out in the garden and wandering nearby are her main hobbies. Molly still hides from strangers and gets spooked by sudden noises but she's finding her inner purr day by day. Molly plays with her favourite red mouse and has destroyed a few fluffy toy balls!

Sleeping in the sunbeams or snuggled in an igloo, Molly likes her comforts best of all. Eileen describes her as "lovely" she has been very patient with a very timid girl but Eileen has been accepting of a slow but sure progression. Thanks to Eileen for being so patient and understanding with her. It was nice to hear her say that chatting about the last six months or so at the follow up had made her realise how far Molly had come.

Ellie & Flossy (Feb 2017)

Just a week after going to there new home we heard: Ellie has settled in great took to everyone and is very calm and loves being stroked. She has taken to sitting on the chest of me or my son and suckling our clothes.
Abby now Flossy is sort of settling she has taken to our daughter very well and licks her all the time but the rest of us have had several bites especially Neil who is scratched and bitten every day, but he is still trying.
It's nice to hear they are both settling in & hopefully in time Flossy will make friends with the rest of the family. Thank you for giving them both a loving home.

 Gracie (Jan 2017)

Gracie was brought in by the inspectorate with timid kittens who had been born outside. She had to have emergency surgery after being shot with a pellet gun. She was very good about being put on cage rest. Fortunately Gracie pulled through and apart from surgery scars and some shrapnel left deep in her leg Gracie is purrfectly fine. She is so loving, grateful for being rescued. Her kittens found loving homes and so did she. Gracie adores her forever friend Lesley and enjoys lots of Dreamies, cuddles and attention. She even shares the occasional fish supper with her forever family. A very happy ending for a lovely girl.

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